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War, Terrorism, Political Risks and Allied Perils

War, Terrorism, Political Risks and Allied Perils

Amlin provides insurance for Marine, Property and Aviation assets against physical damage from War perils, including Terrorism and foreign government Confiscation. Amlin is proactive in providing cover in the most challenging areas of the world, where other markets follow.

Our history in writing war business stretches back to the start of the last century and our terrorism and political violence experience extends long before any of the recent atrocities such as the 2001 World Trade Centre attacks.

We are able to find solutions to offer terrorism cover on almost any type of asset, be it standard commercial property such as hotels, offices and retail to power stations and Petrochemical facilities through to cargo stocks during storage and fine art collections. Insurance cover has shown its worth following many terrorist attacks, especially over the past decade, and we have responded to valid losses suffered by our clients.

The War team underwrite a significant book of commercial and general aviation war business and work closely with Amlin’s aviation team who are a recognised leader in the aviation hull and liabilities field.

Our growing political risk account covers insureds against foreign government interference such as confiscation of assets or license cancellation which is becoming a far too common occurrence especially from the many socialist governments in the world. This subclass also broadens into Contract Frustration risks, pre and post shipment (non-payment and non-delivery). Marine Hull Mortgage Rights insurance and Non-repossession of Leased Aircraft insurance are also underwritten.

We write business predominantly within the Lloyds of London insurance market, however we also work very closely with our colleagues in Singapore who are able to offer local experience along with a time zone advantage. Additionally, we provide a service to our client base through the use of the Lloyds Japan and Lloyds China platforms.

Amlin is the founder and chief underwriter for the XIN terrorism Consortium based in Singapore which writes political violence business across the Asia Pacific and Oceania regions. We also operate in Malaysia as a Tier 2 registered reinsurance company.

The war account is broad in scope and covers many other areas such as Product Recall and Trade Name Restoration, Event Cancellation and Marine Piracy to name but a few.

Although we are reassuringly busy all year round, we aim to provide a first class service to our clients. We recognise that although the Lloyds tradition of face to face trading is the most efficient way to transact complicated business, our Underwriters can be contacted outside of Lloyds underwriting hours by more modern methods such as email and other electronic trading platforms.

Our underwriting box (number 61) is located on the ground floor of Lloyd’s and we are on level 15 of Lloyd’s Asia.

Our experienced underwriters are called upon beyond their Amlin roles to contribute to external market bodies. Jason Herriott currently presides as the Chairman of the London Market Association’s Terrorism and Political Violence panel. He also sits on the Non Marine Committee and was previously a member of the Joint War Committee for 10 years. Jamie Cleary is a member of the London Market Association’s Political Risk panel.

“We offer our clients continuity by employing our proven experience within the team to deliver solutions to the unique nature of risks facing them from war-like perils and political risks.” Jason Herriott, Leading Class Underwriter.

Leading Underwriter

Vipul Gupta

War & Terrorism Underwriter

T: +971 (0) 4709 6904

Jason Herriott

Leading Class Underwriter

T: +44 (0)20 7746 1937

United Kingdom

Jamie Cleary

Leading Class Underwriter

T: +44 (0)20 7746 1718

United Kingdom