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Proportional Property Treaty

Proportional Property Treaty

Amlin’s Proportional property treaty reinsurance is a well-established class of business. We look to develop long-term relationships, and are happy to work in conjunction with our Risk and Catastrophe Excess of Loss teams to provide complete reinsurance solutions.

The scope of our account is worldwide, and submissions are considered from all areas.

Our account is mainly focused on full value residential and niche commercial business within well-defined geographic territories, but support can be offered wherever there are requirements for proportional Risk or Catastrophe capacity.

We have particular expertise in North American, UK, Caribbean, Japanese and Australasian territories.

Significant capacity is also available on proportional Onshore Energy and Technical Lines business.

Dominic Stoffel joined Amlin in 2000 and began working on the Proportional Treaty account later that year.  He assumed full responsibility for the account in December 2005.  Jennie Kent joined Amlin and the Proportional Treaty team in 2011 following completion of the Lloyd’s Graduate Scheme.

Our underwriting box (number 397) is located on the third gallery in Lloyd’s.

“With a strong focus on building and maintaining long term relationships, we look to draw on our wealth of experience and Amlin’s technical capabilities to work with our partners to provide sustainable reinsurance solutions. We are happy to provide both input and support to companies looking for new treaties or cover for new products” Dominic Stoffel, Lead Class Underwriter.

Leading Underwriter

Dominic Stoffel

Leading Class Underwriter

T: +44 (0)20 7746 1715

United Kingdom