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Binding Authorities

Binding Authorities

Amlin specialise in North American business. In the US, we deal exclusively with the wholesale market. We pride ourselves on our service, our willingness to look at opportunities and our pragmatic approach to risk assessment. We are flexible and adopt a common sense approach.

In certain respects we like to take an old fashioned view of Binding Authorities: the selection of the client is paramount. We relish the thought of starting long and meaningful relationships, and have worked with many agents over decades and through various market cycles. We are responsible for leading contracts to some of the largest and best known MGAs in the US, but are equally happy to look at other less well known, as it is all about who the Coverholder is. We are always looking for opportunities with new Coverholders, however we are unable to engage when these overlap with the interests of our existing clients.

Generally we will favour commercial excess and surplus business. We prefer single or contiguous US State business but are happy to look at multi-state. We want to lead but if the terms are acceptable we will consider following certain markets. Over 70% of our business is currently led. We are happy to look ‘outside’ the box at the structure of a Binder and will happily set remuneration to match the potential.

Our underwriting box (number 306) is located on the third gallery of Lloyd’s.

“Our business is currently 100% written through specialist binding authority brokers and we like this and see no reason to change,” Alistair Maurice, Leading Class Underwriter

Leading Underwriter

Alistair Maurice

Leading Class Underwriter

T: +44 (0)20 7746 1739

United Kingdom