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Motor & Liability

Motor & Liability

We strive to be considered as the preferred reinsurance partner by our clients. We therefore offer a comprehensive panel of high quality non-life reinsurance products and services ensuring we can provide support on most of the lines of business our clients operate in.

Our class expertise is continuously further developed to make sure we can deliver benchmark pricing, tailor-made products and innovative solutions.

We thus provide active quoting and structuring services as well as significant capacities for all kinds of Casualty business, on both proportional and non-proportional basis, with the focus on:

  • Motor (MTPL including unlimited covers, Motor Own Damage)
  • Liability (GTPL, Professional Indemnity including Directors & Officers and Erros & Omissions, Employer’s Liability and Worker’s Compensation, Environmental Liability…)
  • Personal Accident

Our product range is thus almost "unlimited" with restrictions in place mainly for worldwide liabilities of FF500 companies and professional liabilities for large financial institutions.

Leading Underwriter

Christian Mohing

Liability Product Leader

+41 44 389 40 58


Richard Pearce

Motor Expert