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Inland Hull

Inland Hull

Amlin Europe has over 15 years’ dedicated underwriting experience in water hull insurance in the Continental European subscription markets from both its Rotterdam and Antwerp offices.

We’re one of the leading underwriters of inland hull and in 2012 Amlin Europe led approximately 60% of the business we wrote. We offer swift and tailored solutions and due to our in depth knowledge of the market and experience, we provide competitive but realistic terms and conditions and strong claims expertise.

Limits & Coverage:

  • Up to € 10 million on any one vessel
  • Tailored solutions in coverage and conditions
  • Minimum Premium € 1,000

We also offer:

  • A highly experienced team – averaging over 10 years market experience
  • Market leading levels of cover
  • Clear and concise claims management service through our highly trained people and our controlled use of external experts matching the nature of the account

Trade appetite:

Among the trades covered are all segments of the industry including contractors, dry and wet cargo, passenger vessels and dredging.

We offer extensive coverage in Hull/Machinery and marine liabilities based on both local and International clauses/wordings.

Leading Underwriter

Rob Mouthaan

Underwriting Manager Inland Hull

(Rotterdam Office)