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Fine Art & Specie

Fine Art & Specie

Collections of fine art often become too large to be contained within traditional private residential insurance. In those cases Amlin Europe is on hand to provide a bespoke solution to this most valued set of assets.

Amlin Europe’s team has been insuring this type of business for many years. Our expertise extends from the traditional jewellers to developing fields concessions within department stores, businesses specialising in the purchase of gold for recycling or other activities with abnormal levels of risk such as bureaux de change.

Limits & Coverage

We generally cover Fine Art collections valued at up to € 3 million, providing an ideal solution for the private collector whose assets have outgrown his household insurance.

Added Value

Providing a bespoke product to the sector, the team understands the associated risks at a fundamental level. Coverage can be designed to accommodate all aspects of the client’s activity, with industry experts engaged to provide the best possible risk management advice for each client.


  • Fine art - private collections valued up to € 3 million.
Leading Underwriter

Brigitte Charpentier


(Paris Office)