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Financial risk and A.R.T.

Financial risk and A.R.T.

We offer captive fronting services for large companies wishing to arrange self-insurance by deploying their own captive reinsurer. Our special team in Brussels has gained a leading position in the Belgian market and also serves a number of French and Dutch listed companies.

Limits and cover:

  • Careful consideration is given to risks insured by a captive, to ensure that the captive is not overburdened with long-tail obligations
  • Claims-made provisions are preferred to a loss-occurrence basis
  • Appropriate aggregated limits
  • Fast claim adjustment
  • A realistic security strategy


  • Focus on long-term relationship with customer and intermediaries
  • Geared towards analysing new risks creatively
  • Specialised, experienced team of experts with additional competencies
  • A single point of contact for insurance, premium payments or claims
  • Customised policy/solutions
  • Realistic security amounts and competitive rates
  • Total compliance with statutory regulations and tax rules

Interested in:

  • Captive fronting for creditworthy medium-sized enterprises with substantial business operations in the Benelux countries and France
  • Only in combination with ‘conventional’ business risk cover
Leading Underwriter

Louis Michel Ernould

Underwriting Manager