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One Company - Three Markets

One Company - Three Markets

Amlin's business is organised around three main markets.


We provide reinsurance to other insurers across the world, helping them spread their large and complex risks more widely. The majority of Amlin’s reinsurance business is sourced through global reinsurance brokers.

Marine & Aviation

Our global portfolio is nothing if not varied. It includes some of the largest ships in the world (along with their cargoes), major airlines and airports, many of the world’s major art museums and complex offshore energy installations.

Property & Casualty

Our teams work with a range of brokers and agents to provide customised motor, property, and liability cover for all type of business risks that typically require specialist underwriting expertise. Amlin P&C provides cover worldwide, both locally and internationally.

Diverse Portfolio

The sheer diversity in our portfolio means we're able to withstand major loss events, pay valid claims and continue to underwrite business.